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Gut Health Gurus Podcast

Kriben Govender is a Food Scientist and Gut Health Advocate. He is the founder of Gut Health Superstore, Nourishme Organics. He had a seemingly happy life which came crashing down. He was bullied in the workplace, his marriage collapsed, he lost his job and found himself alone in an apartment ready to end his life. Kriben soldiered on, and discovered the impact of gut health on overall health. His purpose is to share the importance of gut health in addressing many different health issues. In this show, Kriben explores how you can improve your health and wellbeing by focusing on your gut.

Feb 5, 2023

An insightful interview with the host of The Gut Health Gurus Podcast, Kriben Govender conducted by Steve from the Made to Thrive Podcast. Kriben talks about the latest science around kefir, collagen, the microbiome, and much more.


Kriben Govender, is a Food Scientist, Registered Nutritionist and Founder of Nourishme Organics, a company manufacturing, distributing and retailing fermented food starter cultures, Probiotics, Prebiotics and Gut Health Supplements. Kriben holds an honours degree in Applied Science (Food Science and Technology) and is a member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology and The Nutrition Society of Australia. With more than 20 years of Food industry experience in the field of Research and Development, Quality Assurance and Procurement, Kriben intimately understands the food supply chain and the interaction between diet, prebiotics, probiotics and the gut microbiome. He has personally visited more than 100 food processing sites across the world.

Key Topics Discussed:

- Moving to Bali and the effects on mental health

- Managing a business remotely with technology

- The benefits of kefir and other fermented foods

- Different types of collagen and their benefits

- Making kefir at home and choosing the right milk

- The importance of the label and contacting manufacturers

- The long-term effects of making kefir and maintaining the taste profile

- Shipping to Kefir Grains overseas

- Organic vs Conventional Dairy

- Cooking Oils and Processed Fats

- The Microbiome and Fermented Foods

- Prebiotics and Short Chain Fatty Acids

- The Benefits of Probiotics

- Nuances of the Microbiome

- Morning Meditation and Breakfast Routine

- Deuterium Depletion

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