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Gut Health Gurus Podcast

Kriben Govender is a Food Scientist and Gut Health Advocate. He is the founder of Gut Health Superstore, Nourishme Organics. He had a seemingly happy life which came crashing down. He was bullied in the workplace, his marriage collapsed, he lost his job and found himself alone in an apartment ready to end his life. Kriben soldiered on, and discovered the impact of gut health on overall health. His purpose is to share the importance of gut health in addressing many different health issues. In this show, Kriben explores how you can improve your health and wellbeing by focusing on your gut.

Oct 14, 2019

Food Scientist and Registered Nutritionist, Kriben Govender (Honours Degree in Food Science & Technology) has an eye-opening discussion with EMF radiation expert Patrick Van der Burght on the dangers of man-made electro-magnetic fields generated by smart and wireless technology (eg. wifi, mobile phones) and strategies to reduce the exposure in the home to keep your family safe. 
A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bio-resonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is the director of Geovital USA/AU/NZ, is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient-focused radiation protection.
Topics discussed:
  • Home EMF and Geo-stress assessments
  • Patrick’s wife brain cancer struggle 
  • The body heals itself during sleep
  • Irritation of Low-Level radiation 
  • Fixing your bedroom
  • What is Electro Smog and Pollution?
  • Low-Frequency Radiation- Magnetic Fields
  • Purchasing a house- measure EMFs first
  • Electric Fields in the bedroom
  • Dirty electricity
  • Radio Frequency Radiation
  • How does magnetic radiation affect the body?
  • Bioinitiative Report
  • Impact of Smart Meters
  • EMFs and Fertility issues (Male and Female)
  • EMFs and DNA damage
  • EMFs and Autism
  • EMFs and Cancer
  • Mobile Phone towers near schools
  • The impending dangers of 5G mobile networks
  • Our interview Dr Jack Kruse
  • EMFs and stress response (fight or flight)
  • EMFs and digestion
  • EMFs and Mood
  • EMFs, Light and Melatonin (The master anti-oxidant and sleep hormone)
  • Blue light blocking glasses
  • Light and the Microbiome
  • EMF production device myth-busting 
  • Strategies to Reduce EMF Radiation 
  • Air Tube Headsets for mobile phones
  • The Inverse Square Law- Distance matters
  • Crystals and EMF Reduction
  • Faraday Bags
  • Removing Wireless Technology
  • Eco-mode cordless phones
  • Light bulbs
  • EMFs and Solar Panels
  • Measuring EMFs in the home
  • Home Assessments
  • Safe levels of EMF
  • Kill Switches 
  • EMF shielding
  • EMFs and Children
  • Patrick’s top health tip
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