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Gut Health Gurus Podcast

Kriben Govender is a Food Scientist and Gut Health Advocate. He is the founder of Gut Health Superstore, Nourishme Organics. He had a seemingly happy life which came crashing down. He was bullied in the workplace, his marriage collapsed, he lost his job and found himself alone in an apartment ready to end his life. Kriben soldiered on, and discovered the impact of gut health on overall health. His purpose is to share the importance of gut health in addressing many different health issues. In this show, Kriben explores how you can improve your health and wellbeing by focusing on your gut.

Apr 8, 2019

Kriben Govender (Honours Degree in Food Science & Technology) and James Shadrach (Honours Degree in Psychology) have an enlightening conversation with student of Dr Jack Kruse, Matt Maruca. Matt has the unique gift of simplifying the complex scientific topics of Light, Water and Magnetism as advocated by Dr Jack Kruse. This is a fascinating introduction into the world of mitochondria, mitochondria function, deuterium, non native electromagnetic fields and biohacking.
Matt Maruca is the 19 year old biohacker and founder of Ra Optics, a company specialising in fashionable blue light blocking glasses.
Matt is a good friend, student and protege of world famous biohacking Neurosurgeon and mitochondrial health advocate Dr Jack Kruse.
Topics discussed:
  • The Light Diet
  • The Mitochondria- engines of the body
  • Matt’s health struggles and his search for solutions
  • How Matt met Dr Jack Kruse
  • Cold Thermogenesis Protocol
  • Reading Jack Kruse’s blogs and deciphering 
  • Sunlight, Seafood and cold water
  • A message for young people
  • The Curse of Artificial Environments
  • The impact of technological development for young people
  • Rob Obecker - The Body Electric
  • Other factors that impact our health other than diet and exercise
  • The Rise of Chronic Disease
  • Non Native Electrical Magnet Fields (nnEMF)
  • Mitochondria defined from an evolutionary standpoint 
  • Cyanide effect on mitochondria
  • Circadian mismatch of imported foods
  • Correction: Nanomotors in the mitochondria were discovered in 1997 by Boyer et al
  • Car Engine analogy for mitochondria
  • Tuning our mitochondrial engine
  • Morning sunlight and Melatonin 
  • Alexander Wunsch Photo-endocrinology 
  • Aromatic Amino Acids and Sunlight
  • Alexander Wunsch Why the Sun is necessary for optimal health
  • What is Deuterium?
  • NADH and FADH
  • The Proton Gradient 
  • Discrimination of Deuterium in the Mitochondria
  • Water production by Mitochondria
  • The detrimental effect of deuterium on mitochondria
  • Dr Lazlo Boros
  • Melatonin repair of mitochondria
  • Correction: There are no mitochondria in blood cells
  • Mitochondrial Diseases - Dr Dough Wallace
  • What is Heteroplasmy? 
  • Mitochondrial, Free Radicals and Mutations
  • Uncoupling proteins, energy production and heat
  • Wim Hoff
  • Mitochondrial disfunction and Modern Diseases
  • Mitochondria and Gut Disfunction
  •  Is Autism a Mitochondrial Disease?
  • Strategies to improve mitochondria
  • IRIS Software
  • How to make your iPhone red for blue light blocking 
  • Beneficial UV exposure 
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